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Welcome to The South Jersey Rock: A Journal of High School BasketbalI; we are an internet entity dedicated to exposing & showcasing the best-and-brightest as well as the up-and-coming of South Jersey’s high school athletes.

In doing so, we hope to advance the recognition of local talents to supporters throughout the region -- supporters that range from parents to college scouts to prospective advertisers. We take great pride in not being merely “sports” minded; we are committed to promoting and sustaining the well-rounded athlete who is striving on the court, in the classroom, and towards a successful future.

To achieve our objectives, we offer a variety of features which reflect the many facets of these athletes’ lives. From in-depth interviews of players and coaches to informative articles on study skills and health tips, our website presents readers with a wide range of interesting and worthwhile topics. Get acquainted with us even further by exploring our website and participating.

Our websites provides access to a global market, increasing our visibility far beyond the borders of South Jersey. Our circle of friends consists of students, parents, and college coaches across the country. So join our team and be a part of ....

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